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Non violent/ahimsa/satyagraha struggle of Anna is attracting lots of educated youngsters, and they believe that his path is Gandhian. But there is a vast difference between Gandhi and Anna.

Gandhi went on fast, but never bothered to go to jail.Never formed a negotiating committee

to discuss with the police and the other law regulating agencies. Never choosy about , with whom

he should be lodged, and which room, in the jail. He never stayed inside the jail , even after release.

 In effect,he never dramatised his struggles.


I do not find any difference between the fanatics of self immolation and the fast unto death of

Anna likes.


Gandhiji, never asked the authorities to arrange /prepare the venue of fast, provide water and shamiana,

arrange police bandobust etc.,In fact he never worried about, how many people follow him.Despite the

absence of powerful media, his struggles reached the nook and corner of the country, educated and 

illiterate,men and women, rich and poor.


with a powerful media influence, Anna ‘s struggle did not reach such a crescendo. There is a deep

division among the political class , in this regard.The ruling congress party, asserts rule of law, parliamentary 

democracy, and presented a weak lokpal bill, due to its inherent weakness, in the matter of corruption. 

The main opposition BJP, trying to capture the vote bank from anna hazare movement,but pathetically,

 with yedurappa likes, within the party, finding it difficult. In the heart of their heart, every political 

party is afraid of Anna. communists agree with Anna’s ideals , but assert parliamentary democracy

is supreme. karunanidhi, jaya , mayavathi likes do not support Anna movement, but they prefer to remain

silent.The reasons are best known, as they will be the first victims of lokpal bill, when enacted.


The corporate India, is not also overwhelmingly, supporting the Anna movement. Since lack of 

ethics , in the entity of corporate India. Scams are not possible, without the willing connivance of the

corporate world. When one minister name appears for a scam, several names of the companies,

are associated with it.


Anna’s demands are ideal. His method to achieve them is also not a new one. Satyagraha ., fasting 

are time tested struggles in India. But in recent years , many movements of civil rights leaders, have not

made remarkable impact, though the leaders are popular. Anna’s movement captured the imagination

of educated youth, since it is launched amidst the scam galore of 2G/CWG. Anna’s movement

should make the government to understand the concept of the struggle, it should not impose/blackmail

the government. There is a thin edge in his movement, which will undermine parliamentary democracy.

It is an attempt to takeover the government, by the intelligentsia . That will ruin democracy.


Instead Anna likes should actively participate in the electoral process of democracy. They should

come to power and enact the laws they desire, through parliamentary means.Heaven’s will not fall

in two years, as the elections are due to be held.Anna should use fasting as a tool, and should not

exhaust the ammunition frivolously .




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